Assignment #2b: Five-shot photo essay

// Description //
Using five photos, visually tell a story. The assignment *must* include a human and it CANNOT be someone you know: No roommates, no friends, no family.

// Requirements //
- The photos need to be organized in a narrative sequence.
- Have diverse shots (different angles, wide, medium, lots of close ups, etc.) that collectively tell a complete story.
- Each photo needs caption information. Captions help the viewer by adding context to an image. (Look at news photo galleries below to see examples.)
- Each essay must have a headline in the post.
- Add your name to the post.
- Each post must have the Assignment AND Photo Essay category.

// How to turn it in //
You will embed your five-photo set and its captions, in sequence, to the blog by using Flickr’s slideshow. Like this post:

// Tips //
- Pick a topic that is visual and engaging. Accounting = bad. Horseback riding = Good.
- Find someone who will let you hang out with them for more than 20 minutes.
- If you are genuinely interested in the topic, your viewers will be interested in the topic.

// News photo galleries //
Mushers and dogs race across northern Maine

Los Angeles Times wildfires (2008 Pulitzer finalist),0,7637263.htmlstory

Pakistan in need

In Focus: Border Deaths

Christian and Muslims share iftar

Pumpkin Hurling

Bumbershoot 2010

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